The Unisex Agender

The Unisex Agenda – welcoming the gender-blurring lines of fashion, accessories and scent.

As I’ve developed my own personal style over the years, I’ve gradually veered towards the cleaner cut, plainer, slightly mannish shapes in solid colours, and as far away from frills as possible (apart from the time I had a VERY short hair cut and stupidly thought I needed to overcompensate by wearing pink ruffles!)

So it makes sense that I’m attracted to labels such as UniqloCOS& Other Stories, and Zara.

Unisex clothing has been around a long time, but it’s seems to me that there is much more of a crossover these days, with new gender-fluid fashion lines popping up all the time.

Selfridges launched their ‘Agenda‘ line in 2015 with their designer Faye Toogood wanting to ‘transcend notions of his and hers, so that you simply buy clothes and accessories by cut, colour or style’, and Zara launched their ‘Ungendered’ line early 2016. Not being labelled by gender seems to me to  free us up to express ourselves and encourage individuality, as well as having the obvious practical benefits.

Indeed, blurring the gender boundaries can be fun as well as practical. Why not indulge the oversized jumper look with a man’s cashmere version? Or a plain preppy sweatshirt? Keep it classic in a puffa, parka or duffel, where as long as it fits well and looks good, who cares which demographic it’s supposedly aimed at?

The same of course applies to bags, and scarves – Some great finds are to be had in the men’s departments – a leather tote or weekend bag in neutral colours. Take it a step further by trying out a new fresh unisex scent like Shay and Blue’s Dandelion and Fig, or Jo Malone’s London Lime Basil & Mandarin.