Backyardlondon – an insight into creative London, often off-the-beaten track

I love meeting up with friends, not just for a drink and catch up (although that’s always welcome!) but also to see something new, discover some interesting facts, or even learn a skill.

Here, my guests Sarah Derriey and Rachelle Gryn-Brettler introduce you to their company Backyardlondon, as featured in last Saturday’s Telegraph (8 April 2017) which allows you to do just that in spades.

Backyardlondon - events and workshops for the curious in London

“Welcome to Backyardlondon. I am one of its founders along with Rachelle Gryn Brettler. Our aim is to give an insight into creative London – often off-the-beaten track. We celebrate independent artists, artisans and craftsmen.  We curate bespoke events where you can learn a craft – e.g. cyanotype print-making at the Wallace Collection, or learn to make gravadlax at a new Danish cafe near Portobello Road, or to be guided by a curator of a new exhibition in Mayfair. Backyardlondon has been called ‘a playground for grown-ups’ in the ‘company of like-minded humans’.

Please sign up on our website so you too can join our followers….”

[written by Sarah Derriey]

Guest blog by Backyardlondon - events and workshops for the curious in London