Classic 30 second commercial

Classic 30 second commercial – simple idea, succinctly delivered.

A classic commercial consistently voted one of the best commercials of all time is the Guardian’s award-winning ‘Points of View Skinhead’, screened in 1986, voiceover by Charles Nove and written by then copywriter now director, Frank Budges.

A skinhead is running down the street towards an business man walking ahead. Then the same scene is photographed from a different angle. Only then do you realise that the young man is actually running to rescue the business man from falling bricks.

It elegantly tells that a point of view can be formed wrongly at first glance, and that journalism needs to be an exact observation of the facts. Only when you get the whole picture can you form a judgement.

I was surprised to find out this TV commercial was first screened so long ago. (I guess that shows my age!) Then it cuts to the Guardian logo which looks dated, as it was just before David Hillman’s seminal 1988 redesign of the newspaper.

The message that there are always more than one point of view was delivered elegantly – all within 30 seconds running time. In short, a simple idea, brilliantly executed, which lingers in the memory for a long time.

Watch it on Youtube HERE.